About Us

Devillas Bali is Hospitality Management Services, we are business development and provide property management services in the field of hospitality, sales and marketing management, revenue management and hotel operators management.

our team are professional expert in tourism and hospitality industry. we commit to provide high value to our partner , respect each other, high credibility and success together in tourism and hospitality industry to continues and to be sustainable.    

What we do?

We do all marketing strategy online, campaigns trough social media, Online Travel Agent and all media online

Increasing hotel revenue by distributing strategic pricing tactic to sell the property's to the right guests at the right time, we analyze market, competitor and put our property on higher OTA rangkings.

We recruiting and selecting the staff based on our standard, providing training and evaluating program continuously to meet our standard operational procedure for better services to our guest

Honeymoon Package

Spend your special moment with us at our deluxe private villas